In 1997, supported by funds from Kulturnet Danmark, the Danish Literature Centre embarked on the pilot project Danish Authors - Profiles. Work on this project continued in 1998 and 1999 - again, in 1999, with funding from the Danish Ministry for Education.

During 1998 the project focussed on the internal interface, with author profiles being entered onto a database designed to simplify both the updating process and the website search facility.

1999 has been devoted to extending the series of author profiles, developing the interface - which also contains a section on the history of Danish literature - and making the Centre's database of Danish literature in translation accessible to a wider public. Last but not least, the website contains an edited link guide to Danish literature on the Net.


Project coordinator
Annette Bach

Annette Bach
Gunvor Ganer Krejberg
Marie Louise Valeur Jaques

Gunvor Ganer Krejberg
Lars Bøgeholdt Pedersen

Martin Dyrholm

Graphic design

Database design

Mondo Search - search engine

And finally, a big thank-you to our partners in this venture and to all of the authors, translators, feature writers and photographers involved.