Literary institutions

- guide to institutions dealing with Danish literature.

Det danske akademi - The Danish Academy
Includes information on the academy's members, history, and prizes. In Danish.

Center for Børnelitteratur - Centre for Children's Literature
Information about the Centre, activities etc. Danish and English versions.

Dansklærerforeningen - The Association of Danish Teachers
Information about the association's five sections, their publications and journals. In Danish.

Dansk Forfatterforening - Danish Society of Authors
Umbrella organisation for five groups of writers: fiction, poetry, children's and young peoples' books, non-fiction, Dansk Oversætterforbund (Translator's Union). Details about membership, courses etc. Danish and English versions.

Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab - The Society for Danish Language and Literature
Information about the Society, publications and ongoing projects. In Danish.

Kunststyrelsen - The Danish Arts Agency
The Danish Arts Agency was formed on 1 July 2003 by the merger of previous governmental boards and councils with the Danish Secretariat for International Cultural Relations, the secretariat for the Danish Arts Foundation and the self-governing institutions, the Danish Contemporary Art Foundation, the Danish Literature Centre and MIC – the Danish Music Information Centre, as well as a portion of the Danish Ministry of Culture’s Media and Grants Secretariat. In Danish only.

Nordisk råd - Nordic Council
Nordic Council's web site with information about the Nordic Council Literature Prize, and the Nordic Grant Scheme, among others. Scandinavian and English version

Det danske Forfatter- og Oversættercenter Hald - The Danish Centre for Writers and Translators
Information about the translation centre and its activities. Includes links to relevant institutions in Denmark and Europe. So far only danish version.

The Foundation for Danish-Norwegian Co-operation
The Foundation is a bilateral foundation working for the understanding and collaboration between Denmark and Norway. On the foundation's web-site a calender and programmes for literary seminars can be found. Only norwegian version.

H.C. Andersen Centret - The Hans Christian Andersen Centre
Among much other material, information about the Centre, publications, and accounts of Hans Christian Andersen's life and works. Danish and English versions.

Karen Blixen Museet - The Karen Blixen Museum
Among much other material, information about the Museum and Karen Blixen's life and works. Danish and English versions.

Søren Kierkegaard Centret - The Søren Kirkegaard Centre
Includes information about the Centre and Søren Kirkegaard's writings, also information about translations of Kirkegaard and translation seminars. Danish and English versions.

Litterære selskaber - Literary societies
A list of Danish literary societies maintained by The Danish Centre for Writers and Translators. Danish version.