Author Presentations

- Danish and international author portraits and presentations of Danish writers. Authors' personal homepages.


Bogcafeen - Book Cafe
Site with links to texts by and about authors from all around the world, including many Danish writers. In Danish. .

Dansk Nationallitterært Arkiv - Danish National Literature Archive
On the Royal Library's server, possibility to search for material about and by authors. Arkiv under Det Danske Sprog og Litteratur Selskab o The Society for Danish Language and Literature Archive (http://www.kb.dk/elib/lit/dan). Online classical literature from Saxo to the beginning of the 20th century. Danish version only.

Forfatternet - Author Net
Forfatternet is a network of websites about contemporary fiction authors writing on a regional basis. Presentations written by the authors themselves, the homepages being prepared and updated by public libraries all over the country. In Danish.

Forfatterweb - Author Web
The Danish Library Centre's author presentations. Subscription required. In Danish.

International forfatterbibliografi - International author bibliography
Contains bibliographies on the works of more than 500 Danish and foreign authors. In Danish.

A collection of older Danish poetry, introductions to writers and a short history of Danish literature. In Danish.

The Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende's article base with reviews, portraits, interviews, etc., dates back to January 1990. It is thought based on subscription, which means that you have to use a subscriptionnumber to log in.

Mundtlige fortællinger - Storytelling
ASLAN's guide to Danish and Scandinavian storytellers. In Danish and partial English version.

Nyere dansk litteratur - Modern Danish Literature
Royal Library web project. Various modern authors and their work presented in essay form by Jakob Brønnum. In Danish.

Politiken bøger - Politiken Books
Site with presentations of Danish as well as foreign writers. Reviews, articles, etc. Click on "Bøger" in the left side of the window.


Hans Christian Andersen
Hans Christian Andersen research centre

Hanne Bartholin
The illustrator's own homepage. In Danish and English.

Peter H. Fogtdal
The author's own homepage. In Danish and English.

Christian Yde Frostholm
Poet Christian Yde Frostholm's homepage. In Danish.

Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig
Merete Bøye's homepage whith links to some of Grundtvig's works and articles about Grundtvig. Danish version only.

Katrine Marie Guldager
Personal homepage with poems and samples of work. In Danish and English.

Thit Jensen
Student Kirsten Dam Pedersen's homepage about Thit Jensen and her book Stugge Krumpen.

Søren Kierkegaard
Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre

Carsten Réne Nielsen
Poet's own homepage. In English, Danish and German.

Henrik Pontoppidan
Short Danish and English presentation of the Nobel Prize winner.

Aksel Sandemose
A very extensive presentation of Sandemose's works. An electronic version of the Sandemose projekt, a publication of the Jante law and a film "Axel from Jante" are to be seen on this site. In Danish.

Michael Strunge og Pia Tafdrup
Comparative presentation of the two poets' work.

Dan Turéll
Presentation of poet and prose writer Dan Turéll. In Danish.

Adam Oehlenschläger
Presentation of Golden Age poet Oehlenschläger. In Danish.


Henrik Nordbrandt
English presentation of Henrik Nordbrandt

Jens August Schade
Swedish presentation of the poet J.A. Schade. From the magazine Art Bin. In Swedish.